Running, charity and all that laces them together.

Running, charity and all that laces them together.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why I support the RunningBrooke Fund . . .

I’m Heather M., a friend of Brooke, a supporter of the RunningBrooke Fund, and a former, hopefully future, runner. (Ok, I once ran a 10 mile race, but I had to start somewhere!) When I told Brooke that I would help her with this new blog, I told her that I just wanted to post a little something at the beginning about why I support her and her fund. Last week, someone stole my thunder. - One of her friends and supporters told her why they support her fund, “Brooke, you’re my friend but I would support your fund even if we weren’t so close. I support the RunningBrooke Fund because you support charities that help people improve their lives.”
Gosh, I hate when people steal my thunder, but I do have another reason I support the RunningBrooke Fund.
Brooke says she isn’t good at math. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t take a dime out of her fund to pay for any of her expenses. That’s right. This is not a job for her. It may be what she puts all of her time into. It may be what she spends a lot of her money on (It’s expensive to travel all over running marathons). It may be her new passion. But, she doesn’t get a dime for it or a W-2, so, NO, it’s not a job.
Brooke takes 100% of the money that comes into the fund and distributes it to five charities that benefit Alexandria’s children and families. Now, that’s what I call charity. If a family needs food, you should buy the family food, not use 70% of the money to pay for the food and 30% to pay for the person to buy the food, the secretary to handle the paperwork for the ‘charity’ that pays for the for the food and the mileage reimbursement for the people who transport the food. (That’s just my opinion, but that’s what you get in a blog.) I am not against bigger, more corporate charities. I just appreciate those who do the most with what little I give.
I have many other reasons why I support Brooke, but I won’t bore you with all the details. I am one of those people who can go on, and on, and on. Brooke wants to run on and on and on all throughout the world just to support Alexandria’s neediest. Check out our blog and read about all of her marathons and many other posts discussing, running, charity and nutrition. If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like discussed, just shoot an email to Brooke or Heather at . We love suggestions!

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