Running, charity and all that laces them together.

Running, charity and all that laces them together.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zoom, Zoom . . . Zumba!!!!!!! by heather m.

On Sunday January , Brooke Curran skipped running for the day (Yes, really!) and hosted a Zumba Explosion at the Carlyle Club in Alexandria. 

     Okay, I'm a spoilsport. No, I didn't Zumba. My newest podiatrist said I couldn't, but she did, and she told me she had so much fun doing it!! Brooke, my podiatrist, and more than 90 other participants Zumba'd (Is that a verb?) through two classes led by the ladies of X-Factor Fitness.  (Drop by their website and sign up for one of their classes. You'll have a great time and sweat a lot too!)
Kaesha Matthews, Brooke, Mayor Euilee, Zabrime Watson, Geneza Simoes, and Jeanine Bennis

Brooke put together this event with Arlene Hewitt, an Associate at the Carlyle Club. For one fun-filled night in January, about 100 ladies (and two gentleman too!) danced their hearts out under the Carlyle club's funky disco ball! Thanks for your help Arlene!!! 

     Mayor Euille was one of the two gentleman who attended the event. He purchased some tickets for the silent auction, but I'm not really sure he Zumba'd. (He looked pretty good in his athletic clothes though. Thanks for the effort Mayor Euille!
Brooke and Mayor Euille

     Dave Lucchesi also came by with his wife, and I know for a fact that he did Zumba!! Dave's wife, Liz, was a major sponsor of the "Explosion." We're so glad that Liz convinced her hubby to join in the fun!! Dave was glad too. “The closest I ever came to Zumba was watching a video on YouTube before I came here,” Lucchesi said during a break in the action. "This has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience." 

Elizabeth and Dave Lucchesi at a break during the Zumba Explosion.

     And fun they had . . .  There was plenty of rhythm in the Carlyle Club that night. So sorry I couldn't join them. Like I said, I'm a spoil sport, LOL. Proceeds from the event totaled $5,740 which the RunningBrooke Fund will pass on to Alexandria's needy children and families. Now that's what I call sweat equity!!

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